Surf Lessons

We're glad you decided to learn how to surf!  Surfing is an activity that anyone can learn, and our system ensures succes for virtually every student.  

Here's how we recommend you go from zero experience to catching and surfing waves!

To start:

Take your first lesson.  We offer a single beginner lesson for an individual, small group up to 3 people, or larger groups with multiple instructors for parties.

     In the beginner class you will learn; ocean and surfing safety, how to prepare and use the surf board and leash, proper balance on the board, our simple pop up technique that will have you standing in no time, proper paddling techniques, wave selection and more!

Whats Next:

We also offer a 3 and 5 lesson package that will take you from no experience to catching waves and surfing in one summer.  these packages include your first lesson and 2 or 4 advanced lessons.

Advanced lessons:

     We offer advanced surf lesson with expert instructors who have traveled the world perfecting their art.  2 or 3 Sessions with one of our surfing experts and your stoke level will rise to amazing heights!  You will learn; proper wave selection, advanced paddling techniques, proper foot and body placement for effective wave riding, turns, tube riding, and more,  as much surf knowledge as you can handle!