Our mission is create the most convenient surf and adventure travel experiences, to exotic locations, at the lowest possible cost.  We accomplish this by removing all the challenges normally associated with traveling, such as driving yourself to the airport, paying tolls, finding parking, flights with stops, renting a car, finding board rentals, locating a surf school, finding the best places to eat, and providing you with a complete guide of "epic things to do".  We share our "local" surf knowledge by getting you to the best breaks with the best conditions, and we professionally photograph the entire experience.

How does the group transfer work?

The bus, van or limo will meet at a location closest to most people in the group, on the Garden State Parkway.  We will then travel together as a group to JFK, or Newark Airport.  The time of meeting will be based upon our flight departure time.  We will always allow 3 hours prior to our flight departure time for our large groups.


Why do we only fly from Newark or JFK?

We always take direct flights to our destinations.  Changing planes with a large group can be challenging.  JFK and Newark are the only two airports in our area that offer direct flights to exotic locations.



How much money should we bring to Costa Rica?

We always recommend $100 per day to cover eating dinner and shopping


Can you use a credit/debit card in Costa Rica?

Yes, you will be able to use a credit card at all the shops and restaurants, and if you pay in American cash, they will give you change in Colonies.