Our vision...

As a surfer and explorer, you always want to travel to a place where the waves are abundant, and the scenery is magical.  After traveling the globe looking for those spots,  Tamarindo, Costa Rica has become one of our favorites.


Costa Rica, as challenging as its best breaks are, has many intermediate breaks that will provide super fun sessions, all day long.  Tamarindo Bay is world renown for learning how to surf because of its machine-like perfection from knee high to double overhead. Tamarindo also offers a huge variety of other activities for non-surfers such as; laying on exotic, pristine beaches, snorkeling in crystal clear water, rainforest explorations, and world-class diving and fishing.


So we decided to create our version of a Costa Rica experience.


We handle every part of the travel planning for you, from start to finish.  We provide the opportunity to spend a week surfing some of the world’s best waves in uncrowded, pristine conditions.  We get you on it first and keep you on it until the sun sets.  We also provide the opportunity to experience what Costa Rica has become known for through the rainforest excursions.  We can provide a photographer for some of your sessions so you can keep the images forever.


Our vision is simple, provide a seamless journey to an exotic location to relax, play, and experience paradise your way.   Our vision is complete when after the trip you say, “Guys that was the best trip I’ve ever been on,  I can’t wait to go back!”


Chris Lanza


Lifelong surfer. Chris has surfed the east coast from Maine to Florida, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, California, and the Caribbean.

Certifications: Basic Life Saving, Water First Responder, waterfront lifeguard, swift water rescue tech, technical ropes rescue tech, river raft guide level 2

“I want to spread the love and share the feeling of connection to people around the world, in the most extraordinary places, through seeing, living and feeling their beautiful cultures.”

ambassador of stoke

Joe Schmidt


Over 40 years surfing experience

Travelled to and surfed: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Fiji, Puerto Rico, California and New Jersey.

"I want to create the opportunity for other people to experience the amazing waves, people and places I have been blessed to travel to."